My forever face

Today, I gave my 70-year-old face a presentthe best thing I’ve done for it since I stopped smoking. When I was 12, my mother introduced me to the world of facial care with a jar of Noxema. The smell nearly knocked me out. Something with that big of a kick was legal?

For several years, I felt grown up with my jar of Noxema on my dresser and the stench chasing me in my dreams. Then, teenage rebellion kicked in. Noxema reeked of the 1940s. Never mind that my mother was beautiful and looked about 18 when she was 38. I would find my own product.

I bought the most expensive facial cream I could afford. Oil of Olay. For more than 50 years, I was loyal to Oil of Olay until I tried a bit of facial cream from Paris that cost more than my car. Oil of Olay felt like crank case oil after that. But it was affordable, and I haven’t spent much time hanging around mirrors since I became a grandmother. It was just my face for Pete’s sake. Who cared?

Finally, I decided my face was worth caring about as it has reached vintage status and qualifies for The Antique Road Show. I researched products with my lifestyle in mind. As a travel writer, I can go from Chicago’s 20 below to India’s 100 above in 18 hours. Then, there is the beach and airplanes that aspire to mummify passengers with their stingy dose of humidity. Traveling the way I do puts my face to the stress test. No cute little light-weight facial cream sold at parties would do the job.

LUMAVERA caught my attention, because the company founder, David Vargus, created the products using plant extracts his mother and grandmother used to defy aging under the Mexican sun. He added toxin-free  plant stem cell technology that revitalizes “vintage” skin.

Vargus says, “By combining my family’s traditional health remedies with today’s science of skin care and beauty in Lumavera products, I am excited to share this timeless wisdom…”

He was kind enough to send me a box of Lumavera products. They are stench free. I suppose when writing about a beauty product I should say, ‘fragrance free,’ but if you have ever smelled Noxema you are nodding your head..

The creams feel great and are giving my face the 24/7 emergency response it needs and may even deserve after all I put it through.If you want to do your face a favor, visit the website:



5 Responses to “My forever face”

  1. Pat Bryant Says:

    Will check out site Would like to try FREE Herbs etc sound like something I would like to use Thanks R Y still In Ill?

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. stiggerink Says:

    Hi Pat, the products are for sale — not free, sorry. But, they are great and motivated me to get a make up consult for the first time in 20 years. I got over the virus before Christmas. Now other family members have it.

  3. Lee Balgemann Says:

    Wonderful blog, Carol! I’m still laughing! Congratulations!

  4. stiggerink Says:

    @Lee — I guess I’d better not write about standing on my head so gravity can put things back where they used to be….

  5. Tamar Alexia Fleishman Says:

    I like this brand, both for its efficacy and natural ingredients.

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