“Self publishing?” not for me.” I’m a professional.”  (As opposed to people who think they can write and pay thousands to self-publish books they cannot sell.)    When it cost thousands, writing teachers were wise to warn students against such expensive orgies of ego.

I was not inclined to be labeled an amateur, and I never had thousands to waste on printing books that would sit in my garage. Thanks to that supercilious attitude and my fiscal responsibility,  two books I believe in went unread for a decade. I tried the traditional publishing route. While no agent or editor said I could not write, their responses were: does not fit a particular genre,…book is too short…but where would a bookstore shelve it…too many unicorn books (it is NOT a unicorn)…and so on.

Publishing on Kindle is free , and I no longer care what people call me.

And so, these two books are available at kindle store:

SHELLS TURNING TO SAND – contemporary fiction that is “too short”

HER STORY TOLD TO ITS END: young adult fantasy that is NOT about a unicorn.

My next book CURRY, CIAO, AND CORNDOGS will be posted soon.

I do not expect to get rich. The benefit to me is that the time and passion I put into these books no longer feels wasted. Those who like my style will find me. Those who think they do then hate the book can get a refund.

We all win!

Carol Stigger (my real name and my pen name)


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