The act of throwing someone or something out a window

I know.

The Daily Word has become less daily as I try to focus on the positive while feeling smothered by negatives. I have defenestrated everyone in my life who annoys me, and that cleared a lot of space. Now the main person who annoys me is me. Imagine living without scapegoats and with the belief that to defenestrate myself would be a tragic waste, or so my dogs imply by their excitement every time I return from work, the store, or even the mailbox across the street.

Yesterday, with nothing to do but watch the on-going drama of two dogs with one bone, left over from the Christmas ham, I thought of the Italians’ New Year’s celebration of throwing everything they don’t want out their windows. Wow. Much more fun than bagging up discards for Vietnam Vets and leaving the bags neatly tied on my porch every second Tuesday of the month. I could break old dishes, worn out toys, and several village littering laws all in one toss. And, if I bagged a corrupt politician with the old Farkle dice, that would be a bonus.

But when all the unwanted things are defenestrated, I would still be left with unwanted parts of myself. On the (almost) eve of my 67th birthday, I confess that I have a lot of work to do on my life work of being a good and useful person. Sigh

Maybe that is why a photo on FaceBook made me smile so wide I felt my face crack side to side. A red bird surrounded by snow. Probably a cardinal. The comments got mixed up with my cousin’s reference to a BILSIL and my inquiry as to the meaning. A BILSIL is that rare bird, a brother in law’s sister in law, but in the world of FaceBook, that red bird is now a BILSIL, a rare bird from down under who has a pocket like a ‘roo. I wanted to post the bilsil because it is a lovely sight on a snowy day, but it has vanished from FaceBook.

But not from my spirit. Yesterday, I saw a bilsil. That memory will not go out the window. It is little things like bilsils that help balance the negatives when the clock is ticking close to 70.



One Response to “DEFENESTRATION”

  1. Susan Yates Says:

    And here I just threw out the Farkel canister and instructions because the dice were long gone. Maybe there is a lid for every pot and dice for every Farkel game. They are just not under the same roof.

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