Alivia is home!

I just thought I was a wordsmith. There are no words for the love surrounding Alivia and the multitude of prayers that have sustained her and her family. Today, at last, the family is together in their new home and I am humbled by God’s grace and the love and prayers of people who love Alivia and people who have never met her.

Here is a section from Alivia’s parents’ blog:

” Please continue to pray that Ali’s heart stays strong so she can thrive. This is a huge milestone today, but we know we now have a “new” way of life in our family. It’s scary, but we have faith that God will be on our side to strengthen her, keep us calm but alert, and overall at peace.” –Posted by Kelsea and Andrew

Again, thank you for your prayers. Thank you.


One Response to “Alivia is home!”

  1. pat bryant Says:

    Kelse, Alica, Alivia,Carol:
    To all the ladies of our Family who have been struggling for the last 3 weeks, know that we all will stil have you in our hearts and minds praying for contioned improvement
    We care for all the family , but especailly for those who have put their hearts and souls into healing Alivia,
    Hail to all the fellows , and keep up the Faith
    Love and Hugs
    Your Cousin 1st , 2nd and 3rd times removed

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