The Daily WORD is WASTA

Thanks to a friend for sharing this Arabic word that means having the power and connections to make something happen. Cory notes that it is often the perfect word for a situation, but there is no exact English word for WASTA.

Alivia Update:

Every step Alivia has made has been toward going home! From stabilizing in ICU, to eating with enthusiasm, to her MRI that shows no scarring or damage to her heart. And, she has smiled through the whole ordeal while enjoying visits with her brother and grandparents. The plan is to transition her from IV meds to oral meds and then out of ICU to a regular room and then to home-based care. Her family is grateful for your prayers and concern. I eagerly anticipate posting more and more positive news.

Thanks to your prayers, there is a whole lot of WASTA going on on Alivia’s behalf.

Except for the pineapple.

Why would a gift basket company send a fruit basket to ICU that contains a pineapple? They did not include a machete, which is the only way I know how to crack open a pineapple. My sister took the pineapple home. They live in the woods and have a hatchet if not a machete. But I am grateful for that pineapple. It is the only thing that made me laugh all week. And here is your lesson for the day: when you order a fruit basket to be sent to a hospital, remember to specify NO PINEAPPLE.

The company felt badly enough about it to refund delivery charge. Now, I can make that down payment on a machete and liberate all the pineapples in my local hospitals. Sometimes one’s mission in life comes through the side door.


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