Word found in  a blog for people who love travel and art. Jane McIntosh produces audio guides to Europe’s art treasures that are as detailed as a postgraduate course, and her blog is peppered with fascinating information that does not make the guidebooks. She has a particular fondness for Italy and is preparing an audio guide to Rome’s fountains.

In restauro is Italian for “under restoration,” a disappointing notice when re-visiting old loves or making a pilgrimage to a work of art discovered in a book or recommended by a friend. Michelangelo’s Moses was in restauro so long, I thought the statue’s plastic drapes would outlive me. When I finally saw the blinding behemoth of polished marble I had to admit it was worth the wait.

Livia’s house on Palatine Hill has been in restauro for so long, I wouldn’t believe in it if not for my travel companion Joan who saw it twenty years ago and has been trying to get into it ever since. Every trip to Palatine Hill includes a snarly snapshot of the in restauro sign on Livia’s house. Rome news articles give conflicting reports on the availability of Livia’s house to the common tourist. Before my next trip to Rome, I’ll email Jane. If she doesn’t know, who would?

I’ve never met Jane, but I’ve liked her ever since a minutely detailed visit to the Vatican using her guide Yesterday, when I read about her visit to Fontana dei Tartarughe (Turtles Fountain) in Piazza Mattei (which was in lavoro – being cleaned) I knew my season of en restauro had passed. To hell wilth peeling off the layers of desire that distance me from being the grandmother of my expectations – the one who stays home and is always available.

I want more of the grit of travel and the grime of Rome. I want to enjoy a riso gelato beside the turtle fountain one more time, knowing it will not be my last splash in my favorite fountain.  (My ritual includes washing my gelato sticky hands and face in the fountain.) Jane did for me what I would allow only a trusted friend to do. Between the lines, she admonished, “It’s spring. You should be in Rome.”


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