The Daily WORD is ACEDIA

This is not an official lost word, but a lost concept that found its way into my house thanks to a SALE $4.98 sticker on the hardback book ACEDIA AND ME by Kathleen Norris.  I reshelfed the $18 paperback copy I had in my hand.

“At its Greek root, acedia means the absence of care…when life becomes too challenging and engagement with others too demanding, acedia offers a spiritual morphine. You know the pain is there but can’t rouse yourself to give a damn.”

 Norris gives it an entire book. I’ll give it a day. I woke up too challenged by the nothing on my agenda to give a damn. Today is a day to go back to sleep. I am unmotivated, uninspired. No one is expecting me to do a thing today except the garbage man who expects me to put my trash out before 11. If I do not, it won’t ruin his life or mine.

My cable TV is not working again, meaning a third call to customer support, a call they will not miss and a call I do not give a damn about making. ComCast is a poor service provider, but you already know that. I need to fill a prescription for an infection I did not know I had and one that is giving me no symptoms. Why should I waste the gas on that – and to buy stamps to pay bills that have not yet arrived.

Spiritual morphine, laziness, depression? Does it matter what label I slap on it? What matters is what I do about it. Okay, here’s the deal. I don’t want to do today, but I’m slipping the gears out of park and into drive when what I really want to do is yank off the tires and put my life up on blocks.

I’ll report back tomorrow….


One Response to “ACEDIA”

  1. Elaine Armstrong Says:

    I’ll look forward to tomorrow…

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