*mature content*

Twenty years ago or so, I worked for V. in a company on the East Coast of the U.S. There was an interesting synergy between us, nothing volcanic, but  there. He was married. I was married, so neither  of us fanned the spark.

I haven’t seen V. in years, but we e-mail now and then. We swapped letters of condolence on our divorces and sometimes remember to send Christmas cards.

Last night, the strangest thing happened. I was walking in my neighborhood and saw V. sitting on a porch just two blocks away. I sat beside him and we talked of old times: the clients from hell, the beastly deadlines, good ol’ Bob. He invited me to dinner, said he had two steaks to put on the grill. I was happy to extend the visit.

Over salad, he said easily, “Is anyone waiting for you at home?”  I knew then that we would be having more than dinner.

“Just my dogs,” I said.

“We can walk them over here,” he said, sliding a steak on my plate.

I thought, how nice..how easy…how uncomplicated. No emotional baggage, we’d remain friends either way. No heart-pounding expectations. No pleas of commitment, no drama,  no regrets — just dinner….and

I told him the steak was excellent, and then….

 I woke up.

Now that would have been the perfect close encounter for where I am in life. Perfect.

After two cups of strong, Indian coffee, I got real with myself. In reality, something would have gone awry. At the very least, someone would have farted. But the dogs would have been there, and they affably accept the blame.

Well, V. We tried.



3 Responses to “DINNER AND”

  1. Lee Says:

    Crap, I thought this was going someplace besides waking up! I thought maybe someone was going to get lucky!

    Damned dogs ruin everything?


  2. stiggerink Says:

    But, Lee, the steak was good…..The dogs didn’t get lucky either as they didn’t get the steak bones.

  3. Elaine Armstrong Says:

    Now, this was a true bait-and-switch! If you manage a follow-up dream, please post!

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