The Daily WORD is MOONS

I’m back in Illinois after an endless plane journey and an interesting layover at UAE airport, which is beautiful.  I shopped (duty free) in the Middle East after swearing I’d never spend a cent there.  Security is the strictest I’ve encountered. Although security at Mumbai airport is serious and complete, I was rescreened before entering the boarding area of the Abu D. airport. Hand luggage re-x-rayed, bag searched, body patted down by a woman in a uniform burka (really!) and four men with guns in the boarding area for one plane!  

Back to moons. After my divorce, I told friends I was a half-moon, and that’s how I thought of myself for years. Half of a couple with twice the work.  Eventually, I forgot about that sad metaphor – thanks to full moons over Rome, a full moon over Zimbabwe, a full moon over Nagpur, many full moons over many places including my home earned with twice the work I had expected in my youth to have to do.

I remembered that half moon while sitting on a beach in Mumbai looking at the full moon over that chaotic city. I was with a friend, not a lover. I was somewhere between longing to be home and longing to stay in India and longing for Rome. Having three possible destinations and good friends on three continents, I wondered who was that woman, anyway, who thought of herself as a half moon?

It is not easy being me, but I would not want to be anyone else.  A full moon – a once impossible dream – now shines on my life. I don’t know when the half began to grow or why. I am just enormously grateful for my blessings and my own weird way of understanding what is and what is not a blessing.  But here are two blessings for the day

Last night my granddaughter took the bejeweled notebook and pen I’d brought  from India and began writing with a serious look on her face. OMG, is this sweet, ethereal  child going to have An Interesting Life? (writers have interesting lives, and sometimes that is a good thing)

Last night, I took a real bath in a real bathtub – after six weeks of bucket baths. Wow! My bathroom is small and the décor is somewhere between trailer trash and starter home, but that bath with leftover soap from Italy was elegant!

I’ll get grumpy again, get on my broom again. But today, I am just a full moon.


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