The Daily WORD is MUMBAI

The Taj Hotel is repaired on the outside, but they are still working on the inside. A SWAT team guards the building that is still the Grand Old Lady of India despite the terrorist attack.

Two blocks away, on a road with 8 lanes of traffic a woman slept in the only unoccupied shade, that from a car parked on the busy street. The shade was on the street side, not the curb. Yet, there she slept trusting that the chaotic traffic (as in “what is a lane?”) would not get too close to the car – or maybe she just didn’t care if she got run over. If I had nothing to sleep on but the ground and the only shade I could find was in the road, I probably wouldn’t care either.

This is a disturbing city of contrasts. “Contrasts” that old travel writer cliché. I do not want to write about Mumbai  now, maybe never.

It is time to go home.


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One Response to “MUMBAI”

  1. 25BAR Says:

    yes. contrasts.

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