The Daily WORD is IDOLS

 Jane Goodall was a braver woman than I, scorning jungle rot to observe Gorillas in the Mist. I chose a safer subject. My new book IDOLS IN THE DUST will be distributed by the same company that handles my India Porn books. Sales are disappointing despite the salacious subject matter.

MOONING MUSLIM CLERICS IN MY BURKA has been banned in Islamic airports. However, the mullahs do not deem it an important enough book to order a fatwa. They may reconsider after the Full Moon Rally to be held at an undisclosed location, and I doubt they realize the extent of “Burkas Up” teas being held behind latticed windows all over the Middle East and in a Detroit suburb. An order of nuns who have had it with the habit may organize a Solidarity Moon in Vatican Square, but the Press Office of the Holy See has not returned my emails.

 While not giving up quite yet on India Porn, I am studying India idols. Since the advent of Bollywood’s rampaging hormones, ancient objects of veneration are getting less attention. Holy roadside rocks were once painted a bright, fresh red for every Hindu festival. Now they get an indifferent, watered down whitewash when someone happens to think about it. The closer the idol to modernized areas, the less it is venerated. Eventually, it ends up just another rock to piss on.

 Hummm. Kinda like Elders in America.

Never mind IDOLS IN THE DUST. A BURKA sequel will sell just as soon as my PR firm lands that fatwa.


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4 Responses to “IDOLS”

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    Happy to help — but what were you searching for?

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