The Daily WORD is BEHOLD

BEHOLD I have blogged every day since January 3, 2010, although some blogs are not posted. Would you really want to read what I think about PWAWs? About the learning curve required in mastering the squat toilet? The absolute stupidity of microwaving roaches? The angst of participation in morning devotions that include an “amen” corner that says more than “amen” after every comma? The maudlin tears on opening my email and finding only spam?

The most page views per day number 97. The least is zero (hey, you missed the best one) From the number of subscribers, I conclude that I would not sell many books. Yet, wantonly, I blog on. And on. Until Siggerink is a household word along with dog hair and broken crayons I will write for the literate and illiterate. As long as the blogosphere is free, I will not go away. Once they start charging me, I will write on Bolingbrook sidewalks and trees and your car.

As far as making money writing, I have a business plan.

Indian Porn

You can pre-order the following titles:

  • Mooning Muslim Clerics in my Burka
  • Around the World in a Chapatti
  • Flight 69 to Chennai Ejaculates Mutton Tikki over Bangalore Call Center
  • Dalits Do Dallas in Drag during Diwali
  • Udder Fetish
  • The Ultimate Udder Fetish
  • A Fetish of Udders
  • Mooing for More

Yep. It’s been a boring day in Nagpur, but tomorrow will be better, bolder, badder. Or, maybe I’ll take a break. Not that all you non-fans will notice until you get a computer generated phone call from Randy  with a Hindi accent who will “just take a moment of your time.”


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4 Responses to “BEHOLD”

  1. jeanie Says:

    that’s funny! i am still listening, but it will be really hard to find your blog if you start writing it on cars…

  2. Jim Says:

    Writing for the illiterate… does that mean you are going to start illustrating your posts? That would be neat.

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