If “uglyography” had not slipped from the lexicon in 1834, I would have a higher grade point average. It means “bad handwriting and poor spelling.”  I was born too late to compete in scrawl competitions and crack-you-up spelling bees. Computer programs with spell check conceal my erstwhile talents.

By making legible font choices and attending to red underlines, the cogency and brilliance of my ideas seldom are embellished by this scorned art form. Like embroidered samplers, beaded bags, and butter churning, uglyography is not featured in state and county fairs. It is not a contender for game shows or reality shows. does not include an uglyography rating on my profile.

Uglyographers have not become extinct: first they changed the name of their art to graffiti, and now they call it emoticons. I remain a traditional uglyographer, an old master if you will.  I see no humor in graffiti; emoticons make me mentally ill.



2 Responses to “UGLYOGRAPHY”

  1. Susan Yates Says:

    Now THAT would be something in which I could compete and do well, especially the handwriting part.

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