The Daily WORD is FAMIGERATE, to carry news from abroad. It was used from 1623 – 1736. The word reminds me that this blog has failed to famigerate, so here are some news items from my daily paper: The Times of India:

  • Food prices have increased nearly 20%. Instead of boycotts and riots, people are simply eating less or abusing others as in the next two items
  • A government-run primary school arranged with a women’s self-help group to provide daily lunches for the children. The teachers demanded the group provide their lunches as well. Then they demanded meat once a week in their lunches. A few weeks later, they demanded meat twice a week. Each demand lessened the amount of food available for the children. The women’s group was afraid they would lose this important commission, so they did not complain. However, the authorities were eventually notified and pounced on the school in a lunchtime sting operation. The teachers tried to bribe the authorities, but this tactic failed. The news here is not that teachers were taking food from poorly nourished students – this goes on all the time. The news is that the bribe failed.
  • To help stem family starvation, a father sold his teenage daughter into the sex trade in Nagpur. The news, again, is not the illegal act but that the bribe failed to stop the authorities from arresting the father and the brothel owner.
  • From an article on Indian poets: “Urdu is a tongue whose fragrance charms the wearer and its neighbor.”

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  1. VADA Says:

    Heya! Excellent concept, but could this actually do the job?

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