The Daily WORD is MOBILE

Pronounced “MO bile” but we call it “cell phone.” The question in Nagpur is why some poor people have nicer mobiles than young professionals who work at call centers. The question made me notice that young professionals have nicer cell phones than my international cell phone. And then I remembered that my kids and grandkids have nicer cell phones than I do.

My cell phones, both international and domestic, do not take photos. I do not browse the Web with them; I do not text. Their ring tones are not downloaded; they came with the phones. I don’t know what an i-Phone is and I don’t want to.

Perhaps poor people have top-of-the-line mobiles, because they can never in this life hope to have a house that is not a shanty or a vehicle that is not a battered bicycle. A mobile is something they can aspire to, save their rupees for, and when the big day arrives; nothing but the best will do – for this is as good as it gets.

 They must experience a wry kind of joy when the journalist from America takes their photos. She uses, would you believe, a digital camera, not her mobile. They wait until she’s finished the shoot, then they get out their mobiles and click away.

MO-biles – Nagpur is just a text away


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