“Is love gift,” Dolly exclaimed when I tried to give her gaudy-awful wall hanging for cutting my hair. (Vasanti sanctioned the gift, so I assumed it was not tacky.) I convinced Dolly to take it then braved the mirror to see what a love gift looks like.

Short. ( I wanted it short.)


Bourbon, please. Straight up. Yes, the whole bottle.

I remember the Christmas ornaments the kids made in school —  the Mother’s Day gifts – the Valentines

Love gifts.

I look back in the mirror and see “love gift” with a more enlightened spirit. Even so, the saving grace in this hirsute fiasco is that I don’t have to look at me.

P.S. Still waiting for a Fred sighting. Now I can scare him into the Middle East and turn his plastic singing crickets into industrial waste.



2 Responses to “HAIRCUT”

  1. Neonreklame Says:

    For some reason only half of the post is being displayed, is it my browser or the site??

  2. stiggerink Says:

    It looks okay on my computer. But I can’t say for sure if its this site or your browser. Sorry….

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