Actually, it is Monday, but let us levitate our language so the word conveys its connotation. Have you ever heard anyone say “Monday” in a sparkly tone? Moanday is too negative, like we are not trying, like we are (shudder) whining. Grunday expresses our displeasure that weekend fun, such as the afternoon nap (remember, I am a senior citizen so naps have become a primary pleasure along with gingersnaps) is kicked off the agenda for another five days.

Yes, I know that as a senior citizen I have earned the right to nap on Grunday. But after a lifetime of achievement-oriented busy work, I cannot nap on Grunday without guilt so extreme I have to eat a bag of gingersnaps when I wake up. Then, more guilt over the extra calories so I eat something healthy like a Big Mac. By Tuesday, I have gotten over the Grunday guilts. I nap with impunity and then eat salad with fat free dressing, saving the gingersnaps for a bedtime snack along with the leftover fries.

In some weird way, too many failed Grundays motivated me to work here in India for the princely salary of room and board and local transportation.  On Grunday I must get up with the world and mope my way to the office. (a short mope, one flight down) My colleagues plod through the door — in India as they did in the US.  We smile at one another, but these smiles are not reflected in our eyes.

Grunday reminds us that no one died and left us king, that money does not grow on trees, and that somewhere over the rainbow is nowhere we will ever be. Grunday is a humbling day, moving us back into the worldwide hive. For those of us who are unemployed (like me most of the time) Grunday is particularly grueling. As bad as working for a living can be, it is our human right and we should have it. We should all have something to grumble about on Grunday while earning salaries that do not keep up with inflation and are taxed as if we burp gold doubloons.


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2 Responses to “GRUNDAY”

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  2. stiggerink Says:

    Thanks, account money! And, Happy Grunday — plus today is Holi so Happy Holi, too

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