This noun was part of the English language in 1830, but for only one year. It means government by old women. Apparently, someone thought it was a good idea. She was probably hanged from a national monument.

I propose reviving this word. I vote for laws crafted by women who have the developed the wisdom to know the difference between justice and germ warfare:

  • Wife beaters will be publically flogged, pelted with offal, then housed with fanged reptiles
  • Corrupt politicians will be trussed, crated, and sent by cargo ship to India to live among their elders in crime
  • Men who oppose Roe v. Wade will be impregnated by elephants and forced to experience the joys of natural childbirth
  •  “Abstinence only” sex education classes will be turned into musical comedies
  • Anyone who voted or lobbied for the No Child Left Behind Act of Stupidity will be sentenced to teaching middle school for a year. After that, they will be gently reintegrated into society through post-traumatic-shock rehabilitation programs
  • “Pre-owned” will be deleted from the dictionary so dealers will be forced to call used cars “used” or “beaters.”
  •  Children who fail to vacate the recliner when an adult enters the room will be sentenced to seven days of community service

Graocracy –  our time has come


One Response to “GRAOCRACY”

  1. Susan Dow Says:

    An idea whose time has come

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