The Daily WORD is DUNG

Cows – it’s not about the beef.

Cow dung is used to keep the mud floors of huts clean and level. (And I thought my linoleum was crappy.)

Cow dung is mixed with straw and water, baked in the sun, and used as fuel. (Don’t try this at home.)

For a special sacred (Hindu) blessing, drink cow urine. (Think carefully before changing religions.)

In a land of hunger, it is jarring to see so many cows and water buffalo meandering along urban streets and rural roads.  But they are sacred beasts, expecting to be fed, and freely sharing their excrement.

I hope you were not expecting me to find a moral to this information.


At a dance club in Mumbai, a stripper bent low. An American put 100 rupees in her spangled bra. A Brit put in 200 rupees. A Hindu priest stuck an ATM card in her bra and withdrew 300 rupees.

I realize the ROFL factor is a minus two, but this is still a PG blog.



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