The Daily WORD is BREAD

Recently, a friend went without food for four days so her sister and daughter could eat. At the office, she tried to hide her tears, but the director noticed and asked, “Why are you crying, madam?”

 She was too ashamed to say she was hungry, so she replied, “Life is hard, sir.”

The director said, “We are put on this earth to suffer along with Jesus.” Then he put on his hat and went home for lunch.

And Jesus wept.

That’s where I thought the story ended. I have been “the director” too many times to share this story without being ashamed of myself. True, I never told anyone they were supposed to suffer along with Jesus, but I have ignored – and needed to ignore – the pains and needs of others. No one person can shoulder this world of need.

I think the story ends with my anger at my friend. I wish she had said, “Sir, I have not eaten in four days.” And then we would know if the director is the villain of the story, a man who will not give a hungry colleague a piece of bread. We could enjoy a satisfying “mad,” because we for sure would have given her some food.

Or, if she had given the director the bare facts to consider, maybe he would have invited her to his house for lunch – and been the hero of the story.


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