The Daily WORD is SHADOW

It’s been a good year at Shadow of God mission where Vasanti, Abhay, and I are spending a Sunday. Only two cobras invaded the school this week, the vegetable garden is thriving, and several cows provide milk for 200 elementary students who attend the mission’s school.  The mission serves ten tribal villages of Hindu people. The school’s bus picks up the children, and the school provides uniforms plus shoes and sweaters. A nutritious, filling meal is the highlight of the day, often a child’s only meal of the day.

Anna, short for a name I cannot pronounce, runs the mission. He invited us to spend the day here. The men are fishing. Vasanti and the cook are preparing a feast of tomato chutney, chicken curry, rice, and dal. They are cooking over an outdoor wood fire as there is no stove.

The air is clear and the fields are green. An odd pair of ducks scurries about. The female’s mate died of snakebite. The male’s mate waddled off for some ducky reason. The two hooked up in the timeless way before

Anna had planned to hold a short church service for the Hindus who come — mainly because they love the singing. He is not an evangelist; he simply serves people with love, respect, and grace. Today, because of a Hindu wedding, no one came to church. That’s okay. The point is simply that Anna is here should anyone want to sing and Anna is here if anyone asks for a story about that remarkable man, Jesus, who loves Hindus as much as he loves Christians. Meanwhile, Anna is down by the stream, fishing.

You may conclude that I did not go to church today. I am too confused over prepositions to deal with theology. I just want to know this: am I IN the shadow of god or UNDER the shadow of god?

I could live here, in or under the shadow of god.


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