Last night, Vasanti promised to cook one of my favorite dishes: ginger garlic chicken. She ordered a whole chicken cut in pieces from the caretaker, and he delivered the package with a smile. She opened the package to find half edible chicken and half chicken feet – about 15 chicken feet. Last I knew chickens, even Indian chickens, have two feet.  The organization was billed for a whole, edible chicken. She was furious; I was furious.   Abhay said, “let it go.”

I don’t know if this was an insult, a joke, or – more likely—yet another manifestation of India’s culture of corruption. I suppose the caretaker’s family enjoyed half a chicken and stretched their meal as we did with dal and rice.

My stated challenge this trip was to blog every day so I would have a record of my experiences and one to share with people who may be interested in life in a foreign country. Now another challenge arises: coming to terms with the culture of corruption that so infuriated me on previous trips.

 Abhay offered the answer: let it go.

That will be difficult, but I shall try – right after I lob a water balloon from my third floor balcony to the caretaker’s motor scooter. He should be arriving soon with a vroooom – and a splat.



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