The Daily WORD is UGLY

It has been years since I remembered my Southern mother’s word for my rude behavior: ugly. So, I confess I was ugly last night at baggage claim #3, and I will explain why. My mother never accepted any excuses whatsoever for ugly behavior, so you should not listen to mine.

It began when I had to wait from 3:30 a.m. until 4:30 a.m. to clear immigration at Mumbai. When I finally got to the counter, the official asked, “What is the reason for your trip?’

To stand in line for 60 minutes and the last 58 of them having to pee.

“Tourist,” I said sweetly.

The next line was to check that immigration had actually stamped my passport.

No, sir, I courageously leaped over the yellow line guarded by men with guns. I’m Bond. Jane Bond.

“Here,” I said graciously, legs crossed.

After a pit stop, I find that all the luggage carts are gone. (They are free – one thing I love about India.) I have not mastered two roller bags plus computer case on wheels. I had a system, but I was so tired, I just stumbled and grumbled along, knowing that if I picked one up my coach-seat-tortured back would give out entirely.

Then, the miracle. A luggage cart! An empty luggage cart! No one touching it. No one looking at it. As I set out for the customs line with the loaded cart, an Indian girl of about 20 who looked strong and healthy said, “Excuse me, madam, but that is my cart.”

“Is your name on it?”

“But, madam that is my cart.”

“Is your luggage in it?”                                                                                                            

“You are being quite rude, madam.”

I agreed and pushed the commandeered cart to the customs line.

My mother would not have behaved in such an ugly fashion, but she would have gotten that cart. 

Southern ladies have their ways.


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One Response to “UGLY”

  1. Elaine B. Armstrong Says:

    I did print this out for Betsey–on the backside of your letter to her. She will enjoy the reading on this very rainy day.

    I could “see” this scenario, Carol. Am guadiloquently enjoying your blog! 😉 (a new word for me!)

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