I went to bed Thursday night fairly sure that the next call from my sister would be an announcement of birth – or of death. Her daughter will go into labor with the next sneeze; Bill’s dad, her father-in-law, was in critical condition. Friday morning, death arrived before new life.

Several years ago, Bill composed a beautiful song about our father – his father-in-law. Now he has the musical challenge of his life: a song of sorrow, a song of joy. Soon he will hold his first granddaughter – with a heart full of memories of his father; a heart full of hope for this newborn girl. He stands on an equator, the one we have all crossed as we move from sorrow to joy and from joy to sorrow.

What strength it must take to stand there – not running from grief, not running to joy. We will understand this strength, I believe, through his music. And we will be enlightened, enriched, and perhaps a little more courageous as we cross our equators with Bill’s music in our hearts.


One Response to “EQUATOR”

  1. jeanie Says:

    I am so moved I am caught, myself, on the equator of emotions. I am joyful, I am sad, and touched beyond belief at the incredible analogy that so captures the emotion! Amazing…

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