The Daily WORD is FATHER

Many people ask if I am not just a little afraid, if not terrified, of going to strange places. Here is one reason I am not

Several years ago in India, three Texan evangelists were staying at my hostel. They invited me to accompany them on their sightseeing trip to the Muslim section of Nagpur. They particularly wanted to see the mosque. Of course, I said, “yes.”

Of course, being a woman, I was not allowed into the mosque. The Texans left me beside the gate. Immediately I was mobbed by curious, friendly people. A tall elderly Muslim man came up to me. “Where is your husband?” he asked kindly.

“Widow,” I lied, eyes downcast.

”Where is your father?”

“Dying,” I replied.

“I will be your father.” He sat me on a rickety wooden chair and kept the crowd two feet away. He translated their questions and my answers. When he sensed my fatigue, he ushered me into the mosque’s courtyard, carrying my chair, and closed the gate. He placed the chair on The Line. The Line no woman may cross and brought me a glass of water.

The Texans returned exuberant, “Oh, wow, you really missed something!”

I think not.


2 Responses to “FATHER”

  1. Elaine Armstrong Says:

    We need to hear this, and be reminded of the message.

  2. jeanie Says:

    i love this story.

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