The Daily WORD is HAITI

And why should you care?

If your heart is not breaking right now over the tragedy in Haiti, do not feel you should squeeze out a few politically correct tears. I know some atrocity breaks your heart whether it is domestic or international or both. And everyone cannot care deeply about female infanticide in India, AIDS orphans in Africa, homeless in America, the women murdered by Bolingbrook’s own Drew Peterson, the partner who is cheating on you, female genital mutilation, puppy mills, the education system that is failing your child, US citizens suffering and dying because of greedy insurance companies and soulless medical systems, and Haiti, and on and on to the infinity of suffering that stops only with God. If you said you cared about all of these things all of the time, I would fall on my knees and call you Jesus.

I care about Haiti because 25 years ago I was a frivolous floater on America’s bounty. Haiti broke my heart and changed my life. Haiti gave me a life of meaning and purpose. I have failed over and over to live up to my vow to fight poverty and injustice, but it remains my one true goal. When I fail it, I know it and often I choose to fail it. I am just not wired to suffer along with the world all of the time. So, I strive for balance between God’s green pastures and Christ’s call to serve the poor. And, I tend to dally more in the green pastures.

But today I belong to Haiti. They gave me love; they gave me joy. They gave me a mango and an egg and a film canister of powdered milk in a hand woven basket. They let me hold their babies. They promised to pray for me.


5 Responses to “HAITI”

  1. Elaine Armstrong Says:

    I’m developing an addiction for your blog. This morning I realized I could not wait to see what the Daily Word is. Not surprisingly, you chose Haiti. This was so beautifully expressed, Carol. Oh, my…a Wordsmith you are! Keep on writing…

  2. stiggerink Says:

    Thanks, Elaine! Your encouragement helps keep the dreaded writer’s block out of my office!

  3. Susan Yates Says:

    I thought of you as soon as I heard there was tragedy in Haiti. I knew you could imagine the unimaginable.

  4. Cory Trenda Says:

    Beautiful, my friend. I’m sure there’s a longer story behind your Haiti experience. In some ways, I’m eager to hear it. In others, I’m glad you used minimum brushstrokes and let us fill in the rest; we’ve heard the details from other stories and gave us just enough to outline the path to your destination. Well, maybe to your Way more than your destination. Happens to be my way too, fellow traveler.

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