The Daily WORD is LEID (pronounced “laid”)

I haven’t been leid since I left India last February, and I know I will get leid next week when I get off the plane, my first day in the office, every time I’m asked to “say a few words” and every time I sit silent on a stage as honored guest amid 40 other honored guests. Sometimes honored guests outnumber the audience.

These leis are damp, fragrant garlands of marigolds, hibiscus, roses, and other tropical blossoms so rich in pollen and beauty my eyes water in allergic gratitude. Some are so long, they reach my waist. Some are so skimpy that I know the women of a self-help group spent more than they could afford to welcome me in this traditional way. At first I felt important to be so lavishly honored from Anglican pulpits to humble hutments  – until I noticed that on festival days, cows and water buffalos are draped  with blooms as elegant. Even more, their horns are painted blue.

One festival day, I faced the truth that cows are more honored than women. I sighed and painted my toenails blue.

P.S. I know l verbed nouns — don’t do this at school — but this is my blog not the AP Style Book.


2 Responses to “GETTING LEID”

  1. Elaine Armstrong Says:

    I hope you find time to continue the blog on your journey in India!

  2. stiggerink Says:

    That’s why I started the blog early, to get in the habit so I’ll continue from India. it’s such a fascinating place!

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