The Daily Word is SISTERS

One of the many things I have not been able to give my daughter is a sister. This is a major failing that becomes clearer every time I see my sister, Alice. Who but a sister shares your entire history as a woman, and let’s face it, sometimes a woman needs a woman.

Sister memories: giving Alice’s first baby her first bath. It took an hour even though I was a mother. We didn’t admit it, but we both missed our mom being there. Perhaps we prolonged the task in a silent invitation for her spirit to join us. ( I think she did.)

And who but a sister can say to a sister, “A pileated woodpecker visited our yard today,” and for that one comment to unroll a reel of memories. Our birdwatcher dad in his lifelong quest to see a pileated woodpecker: those sudden halts on country roads that nearly sent us through the windshield (Oh, it was only a same old same old cuss word woodpecker.)  The hours he sat at Alice’s kitchen window with his binoculars looking for birds including the elusive woodpecker. His dog-eared bird book with his life list of bird sightings, now missing except in our memories.

Okay, so it was just a damn bird. But my sister saw it, and that means the world to me.  And the Blue Christmas we shared after the death of our father. We spent the night in Chicago one gray, frigid December to enjoy the lights and decorations, to shop on Michigan Avenue, to hang some mental tinsel on our aching hearts.

Okay, so it was just a damn shopping trip. But it was with my sister.

Family planning looks at numbers and budgets; not brothers and sisters. I had what I could afford, but now it seems I missed something important. My sister is one of my greatest blessings. My daughter deserves one, too.


2 Responses to “SISTERS”

  1. Elaine Armstrong Says:

    Carol, this is an eloquent tribute.

  2. LaVerne Says:

    I often feel sorry for my daughter, afterall she’s watched me with my four sisters and she can’t help but really know what she is missing. But after her birth I had two boys and who’s to say the next wouldn’t have been twin boys? I couldn’t fall into that trap. HUGS.

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