The Daily Word is BLISS

I set myself up. What a word to choose when I’m struggling with my annual seasonal depression. Go Bliss yourself. Get Blissed. Bliss off. Bliss you and the horse you rode in on.

But a scene replays every time I think of the word “bliss.”It caught me one morning as I was hiking along a road high on Positano. The flowers frothed along the hillside and tumbled into the sea, so far below the boats looked like bathtub toys. I was almost to the top of the hill and knew that of all the times I have seen “gorgeous” this scene defined it. And I was here, not because I had paid for a pricey vacation, but because I had earned it by 20 years of hard work and dedication to my writing. The only cost was to write an article about the villa that was hosting me.

Then, my cell phone rang: my daughter and grandson wishing me a happy Mother’s Day. And there I was, a mother and a writer and a world traveler. Wow! That is all I ever wanted to be. And in that moment I knew bliss, a bliss that returns with every memory of that moment in Positano. Yes, I was blissed.

I expect to be blissed again. We all should. We all will be. Blissings to you.


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